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Your Trash Solutions, LLC 

YTS supports properties waste operations by offering a variety of services that reduce trash levels and save time for property management. Servicing Los Angeles, CA and it’s surrounding areas, we are proud to not only significantly reduce property spending but also to offer a helping hand to our community by reducing wasteful dumping in our landfills. 

Client Benefits 

Our Servuces
Cost reduction 

Improve your bottom line with an honest waste assessment for waste and recycling with the properties best interest in mind, not the trash companies. 

Minimize waste 

Contributing to a world where less goes to the landfill. Enjoy less waste while spending less. 

Save time 

Allow your maintenance crew more time for other tasks. Office and on site managers also save time and worry with YTS

Free removal of appliances and metal

Prompt removal of all appliances and metal to be hauled and recycled.

Clean and organized waste enclosures 

YTS employees sweep the enclosures often and spray for bugs. 

Cancel anytime

YTS agreements are month to month. If our client decides to discontinue service they may cancel anytime. 

Referrals available upon request

“We were looking to reduce utility costs and after implementing YTS we're happy to say we've accomplished that.”

Jessica Stewart
Property Manager 

Ready to save?

Over 75% of waste is recyclable while on average only 30% is actually recycled. Receive a cost-saving analysis and benefit from instant savings with YTS dedicated to your waste effiecency.

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