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Frequently Asked Questions 

How often do YTS teams service the property? 

YTS employees service your property Monday through Friday depending on the properties needs. Each team is professional and polite, wearing company attire and easily identified in a company work truck. 

Can YTS help with RecycLA

Yes, YTS understands the frustration with the new RecycLA program and is here to help! Though it is true you are unable to choose a different waste hauler, this doesn't make it hopeless in reducing your current invoice with them. YTS makes it possible to reduce this heavy utility bill, even in franchised zones. 

What are the fees for YTS services? 

YTS currently has a Holiday Special for properties that do not want to adjust their service levels. YTS can also work on shared savings, creating no additional expense for the property. This means the cost for your waste hauler and YTS will be less than what you are paying now. 

Does YTS replace the garbage hauler? 

No, YTS does not replace your garbage hauler. YTS works with your current hauler to maximize waste efficiency, lowering the cost of your waste bill. 

Is YTS able to find us a new garbage hauler or negotiate better pricing with our current hauler? 

If you are not in a franchise zone, yes! If you are part of a franchise like the RecycLA program then unfortunately you are obligated to remain with the chosen hauler at the set rates. However, thankfully by having YTS dedicated to the efficiency of your waste operations we can still create substantial savings for your company even under the RecycLA program or similar franchises. 

Does YTS help with cross contamination in our Recycle bins? 

Yes, big time! We like to say our recycle bins are the cleanest in town! This prevents missed pick ups and contamination fees. 

How long are service agreements with YTS

YTS is your solution with a worry free month to month agreement. However if our client decides to discontinue service, they may cancel anytime. YTS will remain active for 30 days if desired at no charge as part of our satisfaction guarantee. 

How do we get started? 

Simply call or email anytime! If you are interested in a waste audit please locate a recent garbage invoice for the properties you are interested in receiving services for and YTS will deliver a prompt cost-saving analysis on how much each property will save consistently every month. Please include any additional notes or service requests you might have. YTS understands each property is unique and aims to over deliver on services based on each properties needs. 

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