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Striving for excellence in our field 

YTS is devoted to exceptional customer service demonstrated by our ability to safely and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint in the communities we serve. Results and reliability is what it's all about! 

A new approach to waste diversion 

One of the causes to a property spending more on trash is that when a tenant is done with their trash they are done with their trash. And unfortunately they are generally not mindful of how they dispose of this trash. Even at times the on site janitorial and maintenance staff have poor disposal habits as well.

Another cause to over spending are one sided waste assessments done by the trash companies recycling coordinators. These assessments generally favor heavy waste service with lower recycling servicesThe reason is that their is a heavy charge for the waste while recycling is either free of charge or much less. 

YTS produces an honest waste assessment for appropriate waste and recycling levels with the properties best interest in mind. Through waste diversion, ultimately correcting poor disposal habits as they happen through out the week, YTS is able to divert waste from the landfill and produce results for lowering property expenses. 

Our teams provide onsite separation of easily accessible recyclable resources such as cardboard, large plastics and metal while maintaining appearance by sweeping and organizing waste enclosures. 

By compacting the garbage, removing large metal items, breaking awkward shaped items, breaking down boxes and putting the cardboard in the recycling bin rather than the waste bin, YTS is able to greatly reduce waste levels.

YTS employees are polite, professional and approachable. Fully licensed and insured, each team will be wearing company attire and easily identified in a company work truck.

When expenses continue to rise, YTS continues to save 

At YTS we aim to over deliver on our services, representing more than just providing trash solutions, rather bringing peace of mind to an area that too often causes headaches.

On behalf of the YTS team, thank you for your time and interest in a greener solution. We look forward to supporting your efforts in lowering expenses and improving your waste operations. 

A few companies we proudly serve 

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