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YTS does NOT replace your trash hauler.


Trash Assessment - YTS makes an honest assessment for appropriate waste and recycling levels with the properties best interest in mind, not the trash haulers. 

Cost - Free to assess. We provide a summary, and if fitting a proposal for Trash Invoice Reduction or general service such as our current Holiday Special based off your properties needs. 

Trash Invoice Reduction - YTS teams service your property Monday through Friday improving the waste to recycling ratio, reaching desired waste efficiency. Services: Compact the waste / Utilize recycling / Break down boxes / Spray for bugs / Sweep / Bulky metal items & appliances hauled & recycled /  Big bulk items i.e. mattresses etc brought to the curb for hauler pick up. We also help to hold the trash hauler responsible for dumping the bins when they are supposed to while helping to save time for your maintenance crew and office, all for less than what you are currently paying on your monthly trash bill. 

Cost - Specialized proposal for your location. We usually ask for 50% of the consistent monthly savings. 

Trash Bill Audit - Trash company invoices can be tricky and even a bit confusing if you are not sure what to look for. We have found many discrepancies with various trash companies current and past invoicing ie incorrect service days, distance fees, gate fees, on site equipment, and much more, creating thousands of dollars for our clients in on going savings plus large credits. YTS will confirm that you are being billed correctly. 

Cost - Free to audit, we ask for 20% of the savings we find.

Trash Price Negotiations - YTS will negotiate down the total cost of your monthly bill with your current trash hauler in non-franchised ares

Cost - Free to negotiate, we ask for 20% of the savings we find.

Pressure Washing - YTS teams will pressure wash and sanitize your trash enclosures.

Cost - Specialized and competitive proposal for your location

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