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Waste Assessment - YTS makes an honest assessment for appropriate waste and recycling levels with the properties best interest in mind, not the trash haulers. 

Waste Reduction - YTS teams service your property improving the waste to recycling ratio, reaching desired waste efficiency. Trash areas are swept, boxes are broken down, waste is compacted, metal and appliances are hauled away and recycled, bugs are sprayed, we help to hold the trash hauler responsible for dumping the bins when they are supposed to, plus time saved for your maintenance crew and office, all for less than what you are currently paying. 

Cost - Shared savings with no up front fees, these services are never an additional expense. 

Audits - Trash company invoices can be tricky and even confusing if you are not sure what to look for. We have found many discrepancies with their invoicing, saving thousands of dollars for our clients. YTS will confirm that you are being billed correctly. 

Cost - Free to audit, we simply ask for 10% of any savings we find.

General Janitorial Services - YTS teams provide general janitorial services for your property customized to your location's individual needs. 

Cost - Negotiable pricing to ensure being the most affordable option.

A few before samples of poor waste behavior  
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