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Minimize Waste

At YTS we like to focus on ways to minimize waste! 


Many items tossed out have the capability to be broken and or more strategically placed in the bin. At YTS we call this the "Correction of Awkward Disposal" which can range from wooden items needing to be cut with a saw and laid flat to a toilet needing to be smashed with a sledge hammer and many other variously shaped items that take up unnecessary space, which is ultimately something properties are charged for. 

At times, items are in good condition and can be brought to Goodwill. If it can be reused before recycled, YTS is happy to be a part of it. 

And of course a great deal of cardboard needs to be broken down and located in its proper location. Plus, with the added benefit of scrap metal being hauled and recycled there is additional space and weight diverted from the property. 

YTS supports a clean and safe environment at the property level, maintaining garbage enclosure tidiness. 

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